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About Resto-Blast


Mobile Media Blasting / Sandblasting / Sodablasting

Resto-Blast is a mobile media blasting / sandblasting / sodablasting service.  We offer wet and dry abrasive blasting systems to clean and prepare any surface without damage. We can strip paint from cars, motorcycles, boats, brick, stone, wood, concrete, and asphalt.


Eco-Quip 200T Wet Abrasive Blaster that uses crushed recycled bottle glass 

Schmidt M21 Multi Media Blaster that uses various types of media including but not limited to:

   Baking soda                  Glass bead

   Walnut shell                  Sand

   Corn cob                       Sponge

   Crushed glass               Garnet

Click on Automobiles & Boats, Residential, or Construction Equipment & Industrial on the Home Page to see some of our work. We are fast, economical and reliable! Call or email us for a quote today! 571-271-6410. Credit cards accepted.

Sandblasting Service - Mobile Media Blasting VA MD WV We can remove paint and rust from any surface. Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, Concrete Pools, Log Homes, Brick, Stone 571-271-6410